CAMERINI family from Senigallia and Ancona #general

Barbara Ras Wechsler

Dear fellow genners

I am looking for following information on the CAMERINI family >from
the region of Ancona. Is anybody out there doing any research on
this old Jewish family >from Italy?

I am trying to research the family of my GG-grandmother Rosina
Camerini >from Senigallia, Italy. i know of several Camerinis >from
Senigalli and Ancona and suspect, that they may be related.
Variations of the name Egidia (Egydie, Egizia) , which is rather
unusual, were used in the Camerini family as well as the Wechsler
family, >from which I descend. Working theory: Moshe Salomon could
be the missing son of Isach or a nephew of his.

This is the information I have.

I would be thrilled if anybody has any information of any of the below:

Family of Isach Sabato Camerini married to Fortunata Levi
Children of Isach and Fortunata were
- Unknown son, b. before 1811 in Senigallia
- Sabato, b. bef. 1811 in Senigallia, Italy, d. 1839 in Ancona,
- Beniamino, b. bef. 1811 in Senigallia, Italy, d. 13 Mar 1843 in
Ancona, Italy; married to Ester Musatti
- Abramo, b. bef. 1811 in Senigallia, Italy
- Salomon, b. 13 Jul 1811 in Ancona, Italy; d. 01 Mar 1875 in Milano,

The family fled together with the 500 other Jews >from Senigallia
during the night of the pogrom on boats sent by the community of Ancona.
Around 1801 the Senigallia Jews were forced to return to Senigallia.
Around 1815 I. Camerini and a few other wealthey merchants won a
petition, that they could permanently stay in Ancona if they payed a tax
to the community of Senigallia.

Family of Moshe Salomon Camerini married to Susanna Leoni
ChIldren of Moshe and Susanna
- Rosina Camerini, b. 23 Sep 1834 in Senigallia, Italy; married
Israel (Giacomo) Wechsler 1861 in Trieste, Italy
- Salvatore Camerini

One of Rosina's daughters was named Egizia, as were two
granddaughters. She probably was born after 1869 and died in
Alexandria, Egypt in 1949.

Beniamino Camerini married Ester Musatti aft. 1831. Ester was
b. 1802 in Ancona, Italy, d. 22 Dec 1868 in Trieste, Italy
Children of Beniamino and Ester are

- Emilio Camerini, b. 19 Sep 1833, Trieste, Italy; d. 27 May 1909,
Trieste, Italy
- Rafaele Camerini, b. 13 Nov 1836, Trieste, Italy; d. 23 Mar 1888
probably married to Maria Anna Bolle

The marriage was Esters second marriage, she was previously
married to Perugia, with whom she had the children Gradiado and Rosa.

Family of Beniamino Camerini, b. ?, probably died after 1942
- Egidia Camerini, b. 1878, survived Ausschwitz

Loose ends:
- Enrichetta Camerini married to Leone Levi, b. May 1809, d. 18 Sep
1892 in Senigallia, Italy
- Schabatai Camerini, Jacob Israel, Rafael and David Abraham Camerini
killed 18 June 1799 in Senigallia, Italy. Rafael and Jacob Israel were
described as youths.
- Shima Leoni killed 18 June 1799 in Senigallia, Italy
- Rafael Camerini married to
- Sara Levi, b. 1762 , probably in Senigallia, married to Isaaco Vita
Camerini, mother of Regina Camerini

Thank you in advance for your help

Kind regards
Barbara Ras Wechsler

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