Cartography Update for the Gesher Galicia Map Room: Eastern Galicia Ethnographic Map 1939 and more.... #general

Pamela Weisberger

Dear Genealogical Mapping Enthusiasts:

Newly added to the Gesher Galicia map room at: :

Eastern Galicia Ethnographic Map 1939

This is a demographic map of the ethnic populations of southwestern
Ukraine (historic eastern Galicia) created in 1953 by the Association
of Ukrainian Former Combatants in Great Britain, estimated from
various data sources for the beginning of 1939. Circle sizes scale to
village and town populations, squares to cities, and colors indicate
the proportions of Ukrainians, Poles, Jews, and other populations in
each. The original paper document is in the extensive map collection
of Harrie Teunissen and John Steegh, who provided Gesher Galicia with
a digital scan and a copy of the introductory notes (pdf: 13MB); an
excellent summary of this text is included in their online exhibition
Jewish history on the map.

The direct link to the map is here:

Link to the original introductory notes (PDF file):

The web site of Harrie Teunissen and John Steegh is also well worth a visit.

Here, among other things, you'll find an absolutely fascinating
presentation,"The Holocaust in Contemporary Maps," delivered at the
international workshop "Geography and Holocaust Research," held in Bad
Arolsen, Germany last year, is available here:

And "Jewish HIstory on the Map" (a 2009 exhibit >from the Netherlands
showing Jewish history on maps >from the 19th - 21st centuries) is
available here:

This exhibit contains maps ranging >from the Venice ghetto, mellah of
Marrakech, synagogues in Salonika and Strasbourg, to the Jewish
Diaspora, Jews in New York, and the Warsaw Ghetto 1940.

Back to our own site, the "specialty maps" section of Gesher Galicia's
map room (scroll down) offers a Jewish population density map of
Galician Districts >from 1910, and a climatic map >from 1899.

Thanks to Jay Osborn, Gesher Galicia's map room coordinator, for
pursuing maps valuable to genealogists wherever in the world they are
and getting them in shape to go online.

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia

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