Searching for an M. ROTH #general

Michael Waas


I finally was able to connect my great-great grandfather to the people
I believed to be his parents in NYC, who I had long had circumstantial
evidence pointing towards this. On my great-great-great grandmother
Sima NADLER and her daughter Leah Lizzie/Louise NADLER's emigration
from Iasi to NYC in 1898, they listed an M. Roth "Son-in-law" as their
contact in NYC and he was living at 1852 2nd Str. I am at a total loss
as to how to proceed and find him.

If anyone has any ideas or who might be connected to this family,
please contact me.

Best Regards,

Michael Waas
Akko, Israel

Searching for NADLER, BRAUNSTEIN (Iasi)

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