Searching for researcher Max Bloch who posted on #general

jel <jel@...>

I am trying to contact a researcher named Max Bloch. I do not know where
he lives or how old he is, nor how he is related to the family whose
tree he posted at

The tree that Max posted to Ancestry contains a significant and exact
overlap with a family to which I am connected by marriage. I contacted
Max through Ancestry, sending him my personal email address and asking
him to write me there instead of at Ancestry. I am hoping that we can
compare/share notes on the family -- Friedlaender, >from Glogau, Germany
in the 18th century -- but have not received a response. I've checked
the JewishGen family finder and do not find Max Bloch there researching
the Friedlaenders or any of the other names in this extended family.

Am hoping that someone in the JewishGen population knows of this
individual and can provide some information that I can use to contact him.

Judith Lipmanson
Smyrna, Delaware USA

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