Re: Searching for parentage information for BERNHARDT from Leipzig #general

Roger Lustig

There are many things you can do--too many to outline here. But most
important of all: enter your interest--surname and town--in the
JewishGen Family Finder! Who knows--someone else might be able to help.

Roger Lustig Princeton, NJ USA research coordinator, GerSIG

On 12/24/2013 11:14 AM, Lin wrote:
Hi Friends,

I am helping someone >from the United Kingdom to find information about his
grandfather's parents. His grandfather was Carl BERNHARDT, born in 1876 in
Leipzig. He was Jewish. He was a baker while in the UK, and came to England
before 1908. He died saving his family >from a fire.

I was able to find a census in the UK which had him and the family. But he
would like information on his grandfather's ancestry in Germany. I guess the
man died fairly young and my friend does not even know the names of his
grandfather's parents. I tried and the only thing I could find
that was for him was a UK census. He died saving his family >from a fire in

Does anyone have any suggestions other than writing to Leipzig? Thank you so
very much.

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