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Barrie Karp

Hello, Researchers.

I've posted 3 vital records in English -- different views of the same
document -- for which I seek help re legibility and interpretation.

They are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...




I have pdf's and jpeg files if anyone wants me to send. Seeking help
regarding NYC addresses, relatives, other records before 1917 for
gfather, and seeking legibility of ship manifest, line 18, of manifest
at this Ellis Island link & at links above on Viewmate:

regarding: Abraham Isaac Weiss (my maternal gfather)

Legibility, Interpretation, & any other leads?: There are 3 images -
parts 1, 2, & 3, of line 18 of ship manifest for my maternal gfather,
Abraham Isaac Weiss, son of Harold Weiss (as I was told, not sure),
listed on the manifest as Abr.Isack Weiss.

Seeking interpretation of name & address of his destination, & any
other interpretations.

I know he had a brother, Sol, 7 years younger, whose manifest I have
not found, but Census records say he arrived 1907. I know they had a[n
older?] sister, Sadie Weiss (later married Bernard Weiser) & I do not
have her manifest or data about her arrival. Seeking also residence
addresses in NYC for my gfather until he married my gmother in 1917 in
NYC (Rose Greenbaum Weiss):

The only residence information I've found for him before his marriage is:

Residence 1915 1 Jun =97 Age: 28 New York, New York, New York, United
States Age: 28; Relationship: Head. Cigar maker. Living next to
"Bennett" (Bernard), Sadie Weiser (Sadie Weiss Weiser, his sister) &
their children Harold & Martin, both in kindergarten. Listed as Abe.
Not stated if married or single. 2254 7th Ave.

Marriage to Rose Greenbaum Weiss, 1917 22 Apr =97 Age: 30 Manhattan,
cit. Steve Morse link.

I don't know about any others of the Weiss siblings, but I heard some
were sent to U.K. and elsewhere other than U.S. I heard my gfather was
waylaid for a year in Vienna on his journey to US and that he was a

I am seeking records outside US also, would be very grateful for any
ideas. Thank you!

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application, or
by email to me.

Thank you very much.

Barrie Karp

Barrie Karp, Ph.D., Philosophy

KARP; WIEN; BERKOWITZ; TUCHFELD, (Romania (Iasi, Tulcea, etc.),
Ukraine, Galicia, Lviv, Stryj, Stanislawow, Austria, Germany); WEISS
(Hungary: Mukacheve, Ukraine, Austria).

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