What does "P.P. No" stand for? #general

Inna Strakovsky <inna.strakovsky@...>

I have come across the notation "P.P. No xxxxxx" that I cannot decipher and
I'm hoping someone can help.0

My great uncle, Awner Spielberg, came to the US in the early 1920s and was
naturalized in 1929. He then traveled to Europe in 1935. In the ship
manifest, in the column titled "if native of US or possession, give place
of birth" he has the notation "P.P. No. 172753". The next column gives the
date and place of his naturalization. Other passengers on the same list have
similar notations. Clearly this has something to do with naturalization,
but it's not the naturalization petition number (I have that number and it's
different both in number and format). I asked this question to the National
Archives staff and they did not know either (at least the person I spoke to
didn't know). I'm very curious if this is referencing some other document
that I might be able to get that will provide yet another piece of the
family puzzle. Does anyone have any ideas of what this number is?


Inna Strakovsky
Phila, PA

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