Tevye SUSID - Theodore TANENBAUM #general

Lisa P. Wanderman

I posted 24 Dec 2013: "I am trying to figure out what happened to my great
Uncle, Tevye SUSID /Theodore TANENBAUM, his son Moishe, and hopefully,
locate any descendants....possibly in Montreal, Canada."

Thank you to everyone who contacted me with suggestions concerning my
great uncle Tevye SUSID (b. about 1885, Ostroh, Ukraine) who may have adopted
the name Theodore TANENBAUM.
Unfortunately, I still don't have any verifiable information beyond his
residence in Montreal in 1930. Maybe someday, something new will pop up.
In the meantime, I will just shrug my shoulders and wait.

Lisa Wanderman Gottlieb
New York, NY

WANDERMAN - Anyksciai, Lithuania; TOFT - Traupus, Lithuania; MIL -
Lithuania; FEIN - Moletai, Lithuania;
BOSKOFF (BASHMASHNIKOV) - Priluki, Poltava District, Ukraine; SUSID -
Ostrog, Rivne District, Ukraine;
Romania; GROSS - Hungary

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