Re: Inquiry re medal from Austrian army & Samuel Leiser Wien #general


Yes, it would seem that he was given the medal, and apparently so
were all the hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the k&k army at the
time. Looking at the exemplar that you cited, there is no
personalized inscription of any kind, which is not surprising,
considering the numbers that were probably awarded.

I believe conscription was usually at the age of 21, and compulsory
service was 2 or 3 years, so if your date of birth is correct, he
would have received it after his service. (indeed, according to
<>;, "It was
awarded on this solid red ribbon to all members of the armed forces
and Gendarmes who served under his reign >from 2 December 1848 until 2
December 1898".)

Lviv was part of Galicia at the time (it has since belonged to
Poland, USSR, and Ukraine), which although it was part of the
austro-hungarian empire, had somewhat more restrictive laws regarding
jews, and many migrated to Hungary.

....... tom klein, toronto

Barrie Karp <> wrote:

Inquiry regarding my research for my grand uncle, Samuel Leiser Wien
and his parents, Yitzchak Wien (and Nettie?) & relating to a medal my
grand uncle Samuel Leiser Wien had (now in possession of my 2nd
cousin, his descendant/grandson) that he got in the Austrian army,

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