how to find immigration records for children traveling alone #general

Barrie Karp

How does one find passenger, arrival, destination, etc. records for
children traveling with no companion? what kinds of records, pages,
indexes, should one aim for and how to do it?

Specifically, this inquiry is about:

Rose Greenbaum, b. 1894, lived in Hungary (confirmed) (both facts
confirmed by stronger evidence than census records).
Evidence >from census records and hearsay: "arrival year 1905 to NYC,
age 12". Confirmed data: Father: Benjamin Greenbaum. Mother: Esther
Berkowitz Greenbaum. Half-sister living in NYC: Julia Fuchs/Fox
(married pre-immigration >from Hungary to Israel Fuchs/Fox). Rose
Greenbaum Weiss was my maternal gmother.

Abraham Isaac/Isak Weiss, b. 1887, lived in Hungary, sometimes called
Adolph but possibly not until while living in US (confirmed). (both
facts confirmed by stronger evidence than census records). Other
confirmed data: Father: Harold Weiss in Hungary, possibly Muncasz.
Mother: unknown. His sister Sade/Sadie, b. 1886 in Hungary, arrived
1904 or 1905, married Bernath/Bernard Weiser in NYC 1908 -- Abraham
lived near them in 1915. I have no residence data for him between
arrival and 1915. His occupation: cigars.
Evidence >from census records and hearsay: Arrival year 1900 (to NYC
probably). Hearsay: waylaid in Vienna alone for a year while traveling
alone, destination NYC, US. He was my maternal gfather.

Rose and Abraham married in NYC in 1917.

Thank you very much.

Barrie Karp, Ph.D., Philosophy

KARP; WIEN; BERKOWITZ; TUCHFELD, (Romania (Iasi, Tulcea, etc.),
Ukraine, Galicia, Lviv, Stryj, Stanislawow, Austria, Germany); WEISS
(Hungary: Mukacheve, Ukraine, Austria).

NYC all boroughs; Wilkes-Barre, PA; Syracuse, NY; Scranton, PA;
Cleveland, Ohio; Los Angeles, CA; Rochester, NY; Broward, FL; NJ

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