Re: Jagielnica Records #galicia

Mark Halpern

Hi Alec:

The only known marriage records that apparently have survived for Jagielnica
are those >from 1877 through 1939. The 1877 through 1909 marriage records are
at the AGAD Archive. They have been indexed by JRI-Poland and are online.
The 1910-1939 marriage records are at the Urzad Stanu Cywilnego (civil
records office) in Warsaw. These records are protected >from public use by
privacy laws and regulations applicable to all civil records offices in Poland.

Right now, AGAD has digitized and place images online for all vital record
registers acquired before 2009. AGAD has reported to JRI-Poland that all record
registers received >from the Warsaw Urzad Stanu Cywilnego since 2009 will be
digitized and placed online in 2014. As soon as these images are online, JRI-Poland
will link the Jagielnica index entries to these images. Stay tuned to this forum
for announcements.

You also ask about the presence of Jewish records in early 19th Century Catholic
records. Although Jewish records were recorded in the Catholic records >from
1808 through 1826 in Congress Poland, I do not know of any evidence that this
ever occurred in Galicia.

Mark Halpern

Alec Ferretti wrote:
Many repositories seem to have Jagielnica, Ukraine Birth and Death registers
starting >from around 1817, but there seems to be very limited access to marriage
records. Does anybody know if they exist for the 19th century? JRI has posted an
index starting in 1875 but they don't appear to have images linked to them. Are
there any records at all starting earlier than that? Also, I have been told that
many jewish records are contained in the catholic registers of towns throughout
Europe before the Jewish registers were created. Has anybody had luck finding
jewish ancestors in any Jagielnica church records prior to 1817?

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