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Lynne Schneider


I have posted several documents on ViewMate. These documents pertain to my
ESCHEN family and I am hoping fresh eyes and keener minds can help confirm
the information and finally allow me to check this particular ancestor off
my "find him" list.

First, a little history: Benjamin ESCHEN (sometimes shown as Benny, Benzian
or Bensian, Penzije) was my mother's paternal grandfather - my great
grandfather. I never knew him. The information I do have is that he came
from Vaslui, Romania. His Naturalization Certificate says he arrived on the
Maasdam on 31 July 1900. Two of his seven children, Leon and Lea, followed,
arriving in December 1901 on the Pennsylvania. They were apparently detained
since Ben was late to get them. Ben's wife, Clara, arrived in September
1902, with the five youngest children on the Rio Negro; they were detained
as well, waiting for him.

I have posted the two pages of the Maasdam manifest where I believe he
appears on line 27,
( and ;
this second page does not contain any information but I included it for

the manifest and detainee list for Leon and Lea (lines 2 & 3)
( and )
from the Pennsylvania,
and the manifest detainee list for Clara and the youngest children aboard
the Rio Negro (lines 8-14)
( ).

Now, Ben's Maasdam manifest (if it is indeed my Ben) states that he was
going to a cousin named Perlmutter. Clara's Rio Negro manifest states that
she was going to her husband, Penzije ASCHEN, at an address on Kristie
(should be Christie) Street, also to a person named Perlmutter.

I have been unable to find any relative with the name Perlmutter. But the
Detainee list states husband's name as Benjamin.

Since none of these documents except for the Naturalization Certificate
(not posted on ViewMate) actually lists my great grandfather as Benjamin
(or a common variation thereof) my hope is that a clue will be found in
the other information listed on these documents which I have missed.

Thank you in advance for any and all assistance provided.

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application or privately.


Researching: ESCHEN, ZUCKERMAN (Vaslui, Romania), DATZ, SAPER(IR)STEIN
(Ukraine), SCHNEIDER (Skole, Austria/Poland)

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