Trying to locate Robert W. Marlin #general

Natalie & Ernie Hartz

I have been unable to locate the author of "My Sixteen-a self help guide to
finding your 16 great grandparents", Robert W. Marlin.

He is related to me through our grandmothers and we had been in contact in
the 1990's. He was a professional genealogist who was kind enough to send me
his book, in which he shows documents related to my paternal grandparents.
He also sent me a copy of a photograph of his grandmother and her niece,
Rose Resnick (my grandmother).

I have recently come across 9in my now deceased uncle's possessions), a
dozen studio portraits of many unnamed individuals (which are >from my
paternal side of the family) and one of them matches the copy of the
photo Robert sent me. They appear to be >from the approximate time frame
of the 1900's. I had hoped that Robert might have similar photos that
would help identify the people.

have searched Switchboard and White Pages for him and have found someone
whose previous addresses match to the ones I knew, but when I call the
number, the phone has been disconnected, so I fear he may be deceased.
His bio on the book states that he had served at one time on the Board of
Directors of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Orlando.

If anyone has any knowledge of Robert (or any of his immediate family
members) please contact me off list. If you can offer general information on
locating people that would benefit the group, and/or how to identify people
from these old studio portraits, please feel free to post to the group as

Natalie Hartz
East Windsor, NJ

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