Looking for someone who knows Brooke Lazar LANE STOLOFF #general

Jeff Miller

A colleague of mine I met at the Jewish Genealogy conference in Boston and I
both research the LANE and STOLOFF families. We are interested in getting
assistance to determine whether anyone is familiar with the whereabouts of
Brooke Lazar LANE STOLOFF. Emails to her have bounced back. What makes
this utterly fascinating is that when my colleague discussed with her uncle
the family tree, the uncle said "your grandfather had a brother Lazar left
behind in Europe who probably died in the Holocaust". Major shocker for my
colleague who her whole life long had never previously known this
information, and neither did her father, that Lazar existed. That Brooke
has his name for a middle name is very exciting. Did Lazar survive the
Holocaust? Is this his daughter? Granddaughter? If anyone has any
information whatsoever on this person please let me know.

Jeff Miller
Maryland, U.S.

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