Location of Burial in Chicago #general


I would appreciate some help in trying to determine where a distant
cousin, Zsigo Pollak, is buried in Chicago. The 1913 death
certificate gives place of burial simply as "Forest Park." I have
contacted and ruled out Waldheim, both the primary sections and those
cared for by Silverman and Weiss, Westlawn Cemetery and Mausoleum,
Oakridge Cemetery, and Forest Home Cemetery/Old German Waldheim.
One of them suggested that there was another Jewish cemetery in Forest
Park, on Harlem Avenue or maybe Broadview, but could not remember the
name. Though I have searched diligently with Google, I have not been
able to figure out what cemetery that could be. The undertaker was J.
Weinstein at 1336 Blue Island, if that helps at all.

Thanks very much for any assistance.

Janice Sellers
Oakland, California

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