Help finding relatives buried in Miami #general

Lin <lin2@...>

I recently saw someone was asking for help finding where relatives are
buried in a city, so I thought I might do the same.
I would appreciate any help finding where 3 relatives are buried in
One is great uncle Louis Hartz (born Louis Herz) born 30 November 1878
in Nuembrecht, Germany, died 28 August 1943 in Miami, Florida

I am also looking for his wife, Ida Hartz (born Ida Reinheimer and
original married name Ida Herz), born 28 March 1875 in Beerfelden,
Germany, died 23 April 1971 in Miami, Florida.

The other grave I am looking for is Ida and Louis's daughter Jennie
Hartz Gordon (born 6 July 1909 in Schulyer Falls, NY, died 27 April
1971 in Miami. )

Jennie's son is buried in Mount Nebo Cemetery in Miami, but I can find
no evidence that the others are. I have been unable through Find a Grave
or to find where some relatives were buried. I'm sure it
would have been in Miami.

Jennie was married before and had the name Rotford for a while, but I
doubt that would be on her grave.

I found out recently that Ida was also my grandfather's first cousin.
Her husband and my grandfather had different mothers, and I found on her
marriage certificate that she was a Reinheimer born in Beerfelden, like
my great grandmother. Through much searching I found that Aunt Ida's
father was my great grandmother's brother. Wish I had known that when
she was alive. For one thing, I could have asked many questions. Now
that i know that Ida and Jennie are related to me on two sides of the
family, I am more anxious than ever to find out where they are buried
for our records.

Thank you so much.
Lin Herz,
Palm Bay, Florida

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