Re: Posen City Registration Cards--they're up through R! #general

Roger Lustig

I don't think that's the case. The authorities kept registration books
long before then and probably transferred the information to cards in 1870.

I'm looking at a card for a family of 6, where the youngest was born in
1866. The original address (Judenstrasse 16!) is dated 30 Oct 1855, and
is the only one in the same handwriting as the names of the family
members. The first updates (1877 and 1879) are for 2 sons moving away
and one of them returning. The family address does not change until
1881, so the creation of the card cannot be the the result of a move.
Here it is:

( MOD: )

In any event, people moved often in those days--and in the early 1920s
almost all the German Jews moved away and Polish ones moved in.

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On 1/26/2014 7:38 AM, André Günther wrote:
Hi Roger,

you should have mentioned, that the person must have MOVED in this period
- otherwise it´s logical that he/she is missing.

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