ViewMate legibility & interpretation request: Chaje = Hannah - English, Hungarian, Hebrew name inquiry #general

Barrie Karp

I've posted a vital record in English of Hungarians marrying in NYC, US, for which
I need legibility & interpretation help. It is on ViewMate at the following
address ...

Thank you to those who already responded to my inquiry to this JG Discussion list
before the image was approved. I've learned so much >from your varied responses, and
the variation in different people's responses improves my research in many ways.

My Hungarian grandfather's parents according to his marriage certificate #12088
(22 April 1917 in Manhattan) were Harold and Hannah Weiss. The marriage
certificate says, consistent with family lore, that he was born in "Munkacs",
Hungary, 1890 - d. 1969 in PA, USA (Abraham Isaac Weiss) (said to be a Cohain). It
is spelled "Munkacs" on the marriage certificate for both his birthplace and
birthplace of his bride, my grandmother, Rose Greenbaum.

My Hungarian grandfather's sister's marriage certificate (cert. #20850) (11 Nov
1908 in NYC) (with my grandfather listed as one of two witnesses, where my
grandfather is named as Adolph Weiss -- Adolph was an alternate name used for him
in the family intermittently, even in my experience in the 1950s through 1960s --
but I don't know why, and all or most of his records list him as Abraham) lists her
parents as "Hery" and "Chaje" Weiss. (It's difficult to be sure of the spelling
of "Chaje" >from the handwriting). She was Sade or Sadie Weiss, her birthplace is
listed on the marriage certificate as Ungarn, and her spouse was listed as Bernath
Weiser, born also in Ungarn, it is written. (On all later documents and in family
ken, he is called Bernard Weiser 1882 - 1955.)

Could Hannah = Chaje? or Chaye? Does it appear that my grandfather, Abraham Isaac
Weiss 1890 - 1969, and his sister, Sadie (1886 - 1982), had the same mother? their
mother had the same or equivalent name?

One more question about the name of the father of Abraham Weiss and Sade/Sadie
Weiss: Could Harold/Hery Weiss be the same person as Joachim Weiss? I ask because
Sade Weiss's manifest lists her destination in about 1906 as "brother Albert Weiss"
and research on Albert Weiss leads to an Albert Weiss with a father named Joachim
--my hypothesis that I want to test is that perhaps Albert Weiss was a half-brother
and that Sade and Albert had the same father.

Please reply directly by email or on the ViewMate site.
Thank you very much.
Barrie Karp

KARP; WIEN; BERKOWITZ; TUCHFELD, (Romania (Iasi, Tulcea, etc.), Ukraine, Galicia,
Lviv, Stryj, Stanislawow, Austria, Germany); WEISS (Cohain); GREENBAUM, BERKOWITZ,
FUCHS/Fox, KLEIN, GOTTLIEB [?], (Hungary: Mukacheve, Ukraine, Austria, Germany,
Vienna). NYC all; Wilkes-Barre, PA; Syracuse, NY; Scranton, PA; Cleveland,
Ohio; Los Angeles, CA; Rochester, NY; Broward, FL; NJ

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