Laufer family picture on ViewMate #general

Martha McDonald <marthamcdonald@...>

I know the following:

Mother: Trona/Trojna Sochaczewska born in 1860 in Lodz (husband was Chaim Laufer)
Son: Joina Laufer born in 1891 in Lodz (immigrated to U.K approx. 1914 with wife
Malka z Pallas)

Older daughter: probably born between 1894-1896
Younger daughter: probably born between 1902-1904

(Older son, Moisha Laufer may have immigrated to USA when picture was made His
wife: Leifsha z Wakszlak of Radom)

Date of picture between 1908-1912 based on clothing, hair styles, etc.

I would like to know the daughters' name if you recognize them or the family.

Please respond on the form provided by ViewMate.

Thanks for looking at the picture,

Martha Laufer McDonald

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