Zion Hebrew Institute of the Bronx #general


I am searching for information about this organization, which appears to be an
educational organization >from what I was able to find on the web. I do not know if
it is still in existence. My great-grandfather, Jacob Alpert, is buried in a
section of Riverside Cemetery in Saddlebrook, New Jersey that is owned by Hebrew
Zion. He was buried there in 1929 after living at 1402 Bristow St. in the Bronx. I
am wondering if records might exist that would identify his relationship to this
organization and if so, how I might access them. Thank you.

Eugene Alpert
Arlington, VA

Researching: Alperovitch (Kurenets, Belarus); Berlinka (Chorzele), Miller,
Beitchman, Josiowicz (Kovel, Ukraine)

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