Jewish trades as listed in the 1793 Census #austria-czech

Ruth Coman <ruth.coman@...>

Dear Austria - Czech SIG

I have recently been looking at the 1793 census of Bohemia (conveniently
published by the Statni ustredni archive v Praze as a work in progress).
The information contained within is totally fascinating, even if one cannot
understand the Czech commentary.

One of the columns relates to the practised trade of the head of the family
(Ernaehret sich) and I find that although many trades are familiar, some are
less so. It is always possible to guess, but unfortunately guesses are not
always accurate.

Can anyone throw light on:

Looking forward to learning more.

Ruth Coman
London, England
Researching: SALUS, Bohemia; SCHUESSLER,Bohemia,Wien; LOEWY,Kolodeje nad
Luznici,Kolin; FISCHER,Kolin; FRIED,Kolin,Praha; MELZER,Zatec;

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