Bohemian peddlars #austria-czech

Harvey Finberg <hjfinberg@...>

Celia Male's message on peddlars was most helpful as she included
background information that Stasov belonging to the Herrschaft Lochowitz
[Lochovice] in the Berouner Kreis. This incidental information in
her posting gave me additional information on the background of my
Abeles family >from Lochovice. and surrounding towns including Stasov.
It is another reminder that often a little piece of information in a
posting is relevant even when the main subject of the posting is not.
Celia has privately supplied me with additional information.
It looks like my gggradfather, Jacob Abeles married the girl next door.-
Ludmila Roubitchek.

Vera Finberg
Fairfax, VA USA

THIEBEN- Rousinov/Rakovnik, Czech Republic
BONDY - Dolni Mesto/Lipnice, Vienna
FLUSS - Pribsylav & Polna, Czech Republic
ABELES - Luchovice, Czech Republic
ROUBITCHEK - Stasov?, Czech Republic

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