Holocaust Survivors GEIGER #general

Judith Goldsmith

Hello! I am trying to find two Holocaust survivors in my GEIGER family line.
They are brothers: Benjamin Geiger b. abt. 1907 and Shmuel Geiger b. 1905.
Both were born in Sokolow Malopolski, Poland. They provided Pages of
Testimony in Hebrew in the Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names in Yad
Vashem, for their parents Chana Geiger b. 1878 and Eliezer Valtz b. 1878;
also for their brother David Geiger b. 1899 and their sister Sara Geiger b.
1904. The victims were murdered in the Extermination Camps of Belzec also in
Treblinka, in 1942. Benjamin Geiger wrote his POTs in 1994. Would anyone,
especially in Israel, have knowledge of the whereabouts or descendants of
the survivors of this family? Please answer privately.

Judith Goldsmith

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