Kazyonner (State Approved) Rabbi #general

David Goldman

Having discovered that I had one great-great-great-grandfather who was
classified as the "kazyonner rabbiner" of the town of Dabrowa-Byalistocka
near Grodno in the late 19th century, I was wondering what exactly the word
"kazyonner" means and how a person who has that status differs >from any
rabbis who did not have it.

He must have had that status >from the 1840s or 1850s and died early in the
20th century before the birth of a relative in 1913 who was named for him.

His name was Rabbi Yechiel Michel Olyan and must have been born in Dabrowa
around 1835. Although I have been able to trace Olyans >from there aside >from
my family, we have not been able to establish the family links.

David Goldman

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