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Evertjan. <exxjxw.hannivoort@...> (David Goldman) wrote on 15 feb 2014 in

Having discovered that I had one great-great-great-grandfather who was
classified as the "kazyonner rabbiner" of the town of
Dabrowa-Byalistocka near Grodno in the late 19th century, I was
wondering what exactly the word "kazyonner" means and how a person who
has that status differs >from any rabbis who did not have it.
It seems to be a toponym,
[or the translator here is at fault]:

"... Meir Epstein (the son of the “rabbi of Kazion”) ..."

Kadzino [Russia, Poland],
near the border with Belarus, 40 miles SW of Smolensk
Jewish Population in 1900: 603

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