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A. E. Jordan

Assuming the date is accurate (which might be the first mistake) The
New York Times shows only two ships coming in >from Antwerp on that
date. One was called the Rotterdam and the other the American.
Arriving the following day on November 26th was the Vaderland >from
Anwterp and nothing is reported arriving >from Antwerp on November 24th.

Armed with this information I went to Ancestry and did some searching
both on the ship's name and on the date. I hate to say it but I do not
think the lists for the Rotterdam or the American are loaded. I see
the Vaderland's list on November 27th but there are basically no names
on the 25th and only a few ships on the 26th and not the ones you need.

Maybe someone can come up with a different answer using wild card
searches but I would suggest looking for see if the lists for the
Rotterdam or the American exist at all. The National Archives should
be able to tell you if those lists exist. Also I believe lists exist
>from Holland for the Holland-American Line ships. I am not sure if
they cover the embarkation in Antwerp but it might be an alternative if
the New York arrival lists are missing.

Allan Jordan

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According to my great-uncle's Petition for Naturalization (No. 156627),
Jacob Salb came into the United States through New York City on
November 25, 1906...

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