Shoah Memorial, Paris, Isle-de-France #general

Lin <lin2@...>

Some of my relatives who died during the Holocaust have
"hints" which link them to the Shoah Memorial at Isle-de-France. The
birth dates only give years and are not quite right. Is there any way to
find out more information to find out if these are my relatives.
My great-aunt Rosa LEVI ROSENBERG was born in 1895. The date on the
Shoah memorial says Rosa ROSENBERG was born in 1900 and died in 1942. We
know she perished in the Shoah but not when. The information is on

Does anyone know how to find out if this is my relative. I could not
find how to contact the memorial and have no idea how to proceed. Should
I assume it is not my relative due to the date? But how would they know
if the exact date of someone who died in the Holocaust.

Thank you so much,
Lin Herz
Palm Bay, Florida

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