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Pamela Weisberger

Announcing the latest addition to the Gesher Galicia Map Room:

The Bolechow Cadastral Map 1850/1878

Direct link to the map:

This is a black-and-white cadastral map of Bolechow (Bolekhiv) survey
edition (Feldskizzen) of 1850, reambulation of 1878, which includes
the communities of Bolechow Ruski, Dolszka, and Salamonowa Gora.

There are only 12 of original 18 sheets, which cover all of the
densely-populated town areas. This update includes extensive redline
and black pencil revisions to property boundaries, houses, and
property numbering, with many property owners' names. The town center
includes a church and a likely synagogue, a Jewish community building,
and the market; elsewhere, a Jewish cemetery is shown south of the
town center, among several suburban communities and intricate
waterways. (To find the cemetery, looks between the words "Zidowiec"
and "Dzika" for the open space marked with gravestone and triangle

On the page overview, make sure to note the separate "town center"
(downtown Bolechow) map on the lower right hand side. You can zoom in
on both maps and make out most of the names. Some of the Jewish names
that were easily readable in the smaller map are:

Berl Taup, Bronja Langer, Cuder Gross, David Vioral
Feige Leiberman, Hersch Granbart, Hersch Schindler
Jakob Reifeisen, Jossel Berger, Laisor Ziering
Mechel Halpern, Mechel Kleinberg, Moses Fruchter
Moses Hersch Gross, Moses Kaufman, Moses Lichtstein
Moses Schmidt, Munisch Fruchter, Salamon Chaim Rubin
Salamon Groll, Samuel Halper, Simon Reifeisen
Yankiel Tepper, Zach Bernsweig
(no first name, but surname) Handel

This map is a higher resolution scan of the same Bolechow map that was
stitched by Joan Adler and Fred Fogelson in 2010 >from paper copies.
We thank them again for volunteering their time and skills to create a
large scale, laminated map to bring to conferences, and we are
grateful to Gesher Galicia map room coordinator, Jay Osborn, for
tackling the difficult stitching of a map with many missing pages. GG
has a landowner records book for Bolechow that we are in the process
of indexing, with the results to be posted to the All Galicia Database

There are many Galitzianers with ties to Bolechow (the town that
Daniel Mendelsohn wrote about in "The Lost: A Search for Six of Six
Million,") and there is a very active birds-of-a-feather/non-profit
organization, the Bolechow Jewish Heritage Society, whose members are
working on restoring the cemetery and creating a museum in the town.

To learn more about the activities of the Bolechow Jewish Heritage
Society click here:

To learn more about Daniel Mendelsohn's experience in researching and
traveling to the town, click here:

You can access all of the maps in the GG map room by going to: and scrolling down to the alphabetical
listings of cadastral maps. Gesher Galicia hopes this iteration of
the Bolechow map will help many people discover relatives on these
pages and to get a true sense of the scope of Bolechow and its

If you are interested in adding your Galician community to this list
and want to learn more about the Cadastral Map & Landowner Records
Project click here:

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia

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