How do you answer the question "How Are You" from a newly found cousin #general

A. E. Jordan

I am sure others have had this challenge. You find a new distant
cousin and reach out to them and they respond but say before I share
info with you, how do I know you and know this is real?

I understand the trepidation in the age of ID theft and wonder how
others overcome this hurdle?

Sharing details about the family and how you are related? People seem
to get concerned and want to know how you know so much about them when
they do not know you.

I tried telling them where the info is found.

I suggested I could put them in touch with a mutual cousin but they
don't know those other cousins.

One other thing that I suggested is Google me with the phrase Jewish
Genealogy. That shows posting to this group, articles I have written,
and links to the presentation at last summer's conference.

How do you answer this question? What works to get a new cousin
comfortable to share their branch of the tree?

Allan Jordan

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