Looking for pictures from 1924 fundraiser of Rav Kook visit to Brooklyn #general

Gary Lelonek <goodbachur@...>

My fellow Genners,
I recently came across an article >from the Fulton historical NY
newspaper search (http://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html) of a
fundraiser that my GG grandfather, Simon Haskel, hosted in Brooklyn on
June 19, 1924. The article titled "Williamsburg Delegation Aids
Educational Drive of Jewish Leaders," was published on June 20, 1924
in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle. The article reports that "Rabbi A. J.
Kook, chief rabbi of Eretz Israel, Rabbi A. B. Shapiro chief rabbi of
Kovno and Rabbi M. M. Epstein, dean of Slobodka Yeshiva, welcomed the
delegation last night at 999 Bushwick Avenue, the home of Simon
Haskel, who was the host at the reception banquet. More than $15,000
was donated to the upkeep of jewish institutions of learning....."

I have read about Rav Kooks 1924 visit to America, including the NYT
article covering his arrival and his visit to President Coolidge. I
know that there are pictures >from the WH visit of Rav Kook and his
entire delegation.

I am wondering which local newspapers, either for the general public
or Jewish newspapers, would have likely covered the June 19
fundraiser? Where could I search their archives for articles for
further details and hopefully pictures with my GG grandfather, Simon

Thank you,
Gary Lelonek

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