Thank You! #general

Micah Salb

Dear Jewishgen:

A couple of weeks ago I posted an inquiry regarding my missing family.
The family names were SALB, ZEWELUK, GRAFELEK, ZEULUCK, GROSSMAN, and others.
I was at a real roadblock.

I immediately got a slew of responses (either a sign that Jewishgenners
are incredibly generous or that I was incredibly stupid. :-).

Yehuda ben Shlomo, Barbara Zimmer, and Bette (bette_sscf) all provided
hugely valuable information. The three of them, along with numerous others,
have provided so much information that I now have many doors to open.

Of particular note is the development of the name. While I still do
not know how ZEWELUK became SALB, I have much more insight into how the
other names might have come to be.

This is my father's side of the family, which has been completely
undeveloped forever. I am deeply indebted. Thank you!

Micah Salb
Washington, DC

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