Seeking: BARNET family of Manchester #general

JEAN PERKIN <jeanperkin@...>

Does anyone remember the Barnet family of Manchester. The original name was
Bockenstein. Head of the family Beryl Bockenstein aka Barnet

There was a Hilda Alexander nee Barnet. Her husband was a well known
Manchester supplier of peanuts.

Another Barnet was an editor of the Jewish Gazette. .

Also a Harry Barnet son of Abe Barnet of Salford?

There were some members of the Barnet family who had businesses
on Blackpool Pier and lived in Lytham St Annes.

Also Barnet and Barnet, solicitors of Shaftesbury Avenue W1

The family originally lived in Derby Road, and later lived
in Heneage St, East London.

This was what I knew of the family many years ago. Any further
information would be gratefully received

Thank you

Jean Perkin

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