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Not having come across postings about Chava ROSENFARB in the JewishGen
discussion list, I would like to draw JewishGen members attention to 3
articles of Tablet Magazine ( Chava
ROSENFARB--distinguished author of the novels The Tree of Life: A
Trilogy of Life in the Lodz Ghetto, Bociany, and Of Lodz and Love, and
the short story collection Survivors--was a frequent contributor to the
Yiddish literary journal Di goldene keyt.

1. The April 18th 2013 edition of Tablet Magazine See the link


edition highlights the ghetto survival of Chava ROSENFARB who not only wrote a
novel about her life in the Lodz Ghetto "The Tree of Life" (Yiddish

2. She also writes eloquently about another amazing personality -
Simkha-Bunim SHAYEVITCH (1907-1944) who was her mentor and associate
while in the Lodz Ghetto. the link is...


3. January 27, 2014. Chava's Bergen Belsen Diary. The link:


...written upon her release in 1945.

What is even more amazing for me is that I discovered that Chava's
daughter Goldie MORGENTALER, professor of English at the University of
Lethbridge who translated the original Yiddish version of her mother's
book, lives a mere 2 hour drive >from my home town of Calgary Alberta.
Her father was of course, the well-known Canadian medical specialist
and controversial Abortion rights crusader... Dr. Henry MORGENTALER of

For those of you who are unaware of Chava's writings, I recommend
taking a few moments to check the links.

Best regards,

Ken Drabinsky

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