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Just made a shocking discovery this weekend thanks to a lot of help
from Genners: A cousin's gr.father didn't die in the influenza epidemic
around 1919, as believed; neither his father's nor his grandfather's
first & last names were what they thought they were. It is a story for
the movies!! Obsession, Jealousy,Murder, Death---His grandfather was
electrocuted in Sing Sing prison after killing his lover, shooting his
estranged wife, and shooting himself in 1917.

1. Does anyone know what steps I would take to view the "admissions
blotter" (Sing Sing's one page admission papers)?
I have the trial # (2370), Court of General Sessions
Judge: Thomas C.T. Crain
Defense Attorneys: Vincent Gilroy & Frederick A. Ware.
Prosecuting Attorney: John M. Minton Jr.
Defendant: Hyman Ostransky. (Date of murder: July, 25,1917, electrocuted
June 13, 1918)
Reels-300, Pages: 319
The trial evidently was in New York.

2. Also, is there a way to read the court records online or must
they be requested? If so, where/how?

3. And, how would I find out where this man was buried?

Thanks, as always, for your help

Marilyn Robinson

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