Help tracing HOUSE (and COHEN) family #general

Scott Ehrlich <scott@...>

In a previous email I requested help tracing my maternal father's
mother's family, House. I know there can be alternate spellings of
House (Haas, Haus, etc).

My maternal grandfather was Samuel House Cohen, April 15, 1903 -
January 30, 1979, born and died in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Sam's parents:

Israel Cohen, born in Vilna, Russia, May 10, 1875, died Brookline,
Massachusetts, USA, January 4, 1950, married

Rose House Cohen, born, we presume, in Vilna Russia, about 1881, died
July 19, 1964, Revere, Massachusetts, USA.

I obtained a copy of Israel Cohen's citizenship papers which indicates
he was born May 10, 1875 in Vilna, Russia, and came to the US via
Germany on the Patricia >from Hamburg, Germany, leaving Hamburg 1
November 1900 and arrived in NewYork, NY 16 November 1900.

Visiting Israel's grave marker, his father was Shmuel. I am awaiting
details of his death certificate for his parents' names, if provided.

I searched and there are three Israel Cohens,
including alternate spellings of Cohen (Cohn) that generally fit the
above, appear to be >from different ships, and unknown if any of them
could be the same, knowing citizenship paperwork can be wrong. He is
also the only one listed on each of the hits. No
wife, no children.

I have tried ellisisland and ancestry for additional travel leads for
both Israel and Rose, and cannot find anything.

I also obtained Rose House' death certificate >from the city of Revere,
Massachusetts. Her parents were Melvin House and Toba. Having
visited Rose' grave site, her marker shows her father was Mordechai.

I have performed a ton of searching on Ancestry and jewishgen,
focusing, in large part, on the JRI-Poland search engine. No
obvious hits or help.

I have tried searching with Rose, Israel, and Toba, including variant
spellings and interchanging America and Hebrew names, both on ancestry
and jewishgen.

I feel like I am at a dead-end now. My goal, for this message, is to
learn the House family, what siblings Toba might have had, their
spouses and children, and trace her parents back as far as I can go.

If someone is willing to extend their help and effort in helping me to
better trace my Cohen line as well, it would be most appreciated.

Thank you for any help you might be able to offer.

Scott Ehrlich - - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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