Viewmate photo i.d. Possibility a Saloker /Can you recognize this kid? #general

Yisroel Shapiro

This photo is one of many photos I recently borrowed >from my aunt which I need help
identifying . My guess is according to where he was placed in the album and some
of his facial features he is a relative on my Gordon/Munitz families >from Salakas,
Lithuania. If I would speculate further I would say he is Bentzy whose mom was
Pesa Gordon sister of my great grandfather Hyman Gordon. As for as I know all my
grandmother's aunts and uncles and their families came to USA except for them. I
do not know if that is fact. I do know Benty did perish in the Shoah thanks to
Yad Vashem for his name, This is pure guessing. The one thing is for sure is on
the back in reads JASKAUN N.5. What does that mean. Please look at the photo@
Yisroel Shapiro

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