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On March 4, 2014, Paul Auerbach wrote about Jacob Levine's Certificate of
Arrival verifying his arrival in New York on March 16, 1909 on the Ryndam
under the name Meyer Levine. Jacob's passenger record was found under the
name Itzko Lewin arriving New York March 16, 1910 (exactly one year later)
on the Ryndam. < Who would have guessed that Jacob traveled to the U.S.
under his second Hebrew name and that his very official-looking Certificate
of Arrival had the wrong name and arrival year? >

Effective September 27, 1906, Certificates of Arrival were required for
arrivals after June 29, 1906 to verify the entry was lawful and the alien
was admitted for permanent residence in order to make a valid Declaration of

Recently, I came across two official Certificates of Arrival for twin
brothers Louis and Jacob SALB issued May 29, 1931 that verified the ship
name as "Unknown." Both Declarations of Intention dated May 8, 1925 listed
departure >from "unknown port" on the vessel "Pianacia." Both Petitions for
Naturalization dated June 26, 1931 named ports as departure Antwerp,
Belgium, arrival New York, names as on the Certificates of Arrival and date
November 25, 1906.

"I hereby certify that the immigration records show that the alien named
below arrived at the port, on the date, and in the manner shown."
Port of entry: New York, N.Y.
Name: Lazar Zawluck (known as Louis Salb)
Date: Nov. 25, 1906
Manner of arrival: Unknown

Port of entry: New York, N.Y.
Name: Yankel Zawluck (known as Jacob Salb)
Date: Nov. 25, 1906
Manner of arrival: Unknown

Barbara Zimmer found the passengers with their mother and sisters (Dine,
Mary and Beile) indexed as Leiser and Jankel GRAFELUK, ages 2 and 1, on the
Southwark >from Antwerp arriving November 29, 1905.

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