do you recognize photographer or photos, NYC 1900 to about 1915? cigar makers from Romania, Hungary, related areas #general

Barrie Karp

I've posted 3 photos of my paternal grandfather taken in NYC at some
point after 1900 and probably not much later than 1910 or 1915 about
which I ask whom might the photographer have been, might anyone also
know of other photographs by this photographer, might anyone have seen
my grandfather in any other photos or recognize him? or know others in
the family or community >from that time in photos?

The 3 photos are on ViewMate at the following addresses ...

These are 3 photos of my paternal grandfather, Bernhardt Karp, who
arrived in NYC 1900, age 18, unmarried, via Rotterdam, >from Iasi,
Romania (1881-1928) with his father Jacob (1856-1907). His mother
Toby (Berkowitz) Karp (1850-1941) and siblings also arrived with her
later that year. My grandmother Rebeka/Regina Wien Karp (1881-1949)
also arrived that year, unmarried, destination her brother Samuel Wien
(1871-1959) on lower eastside. Her brother, Samuel Wien arrived early
1900, >from Iasi, though he was born 20 Jan 1871 in Stanislawow and had
been in the Austro-Hungarian military (the family has a medal he was
given); and his wife and some children followed summer 1900 >from Iasi.
I have a 1914 photo of Samuel Wien and his family taken in NYC. My
impression >from the quality of the 3 photos on ViewMate of my
grandfather, is that the photographer was a talented professional. My
paternal grandfather's occupation in those years was cigar business,
and while he resided in NYC, he lived on the lower eastside, and then
in Brooklyn, before relocating to Wilkes-Barre, PA, gradually between
1911 and 1915, and changed occupation to merchant of "men's
furnishings." I imagine the world of Jewish immigrants in cigar
business in those years in NYC >from Iasi, >from other parts of Romania,
and >from Hungary, was interconnected and that someone may know
possible photographers. For example, my maternal grandfather from
from Muncasz, Hungary: Abraham (Adolph) Isaac Weiss (1890-1969) was
also in cigar business and arrived in NYC 1907 via Vienna (was waylaid
there for a year, and possibly had relatives there) and via a port in
Belgium, And I ask if anyone recognizes my paternal grandfather from
these 3 photos (perhaps >from having seen others like it or others that
he's in), or if anyone may have photos of others in the family close
to him at the time, his wife, his mother, the two Berkowitz sisters
who were each one of his grandmothers. My grandparents married 1901
(the marriage license is >from Luzerne County, PA: Bernhardt Karp &
Regina Wien Karp). My paternal grandmother's mother was Lena/Lea
(Berkowitz) Wien (sister of my grandfather's mother Toby (Berkowitz)
Karp Voit. My maternal grandfather's brother-in-law, Bernath/Bernard
Weiser (1881-1955) >from Hungary, whose wedding my maternal grandfather
witnessed in 1908, was also in cigar business (married my
grandfather's sister Sade/Sadie Weiss Weiser, 11 Nov 1908).

Please respond directly via email to me at barriekarp@..., or
via the form provided in the ViewMate application.
Thank you very much.
Barrie Karp

KARP; WIEN; BERKOWITZ; TUCHFELD, (Romania (Iasi, Tulcea, etc.),
Ukraine, Galicia, Lviv, Stryj, Stanislawow, Austria, Hungary, Germany);
(Hungary: Munkacs/Mukacheve, Ukraine, Austria, Germany, Vienna).

NYC all; Wilkes-Barre, PA; Syracuse, NY; Scranton, PA; Cleveland,
OH; Los Angeles, CA; Rochester, NY; Broward, FL; NJ

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