IGRA article on researching female relatives #general

Garri Regev

IGRA has posted a new article by Rose Feldman: Researching Your
Female Ancestors in Eretz Israel: Part Two - The British
Administration of Eretz Israel (first half).

When researching your female ancestors as you go back in time, do you
hit a brick wall? This need not be. As more is discovered about their
daily activities, suddenly new venues for research present themselves.
This article is the first part of the second in a series that covers a
variety of resources in which your female ancestors in Eretz Israel
may be mentioned, and points to the type of documentation to look for.
The article is divided into two parts. It cannot be all inclusive, but
hopefully it will help you think of new places to research.

You can find this article at: http://wp.me/p223PF-1b6
[The full URL is

Garri Regev
President, IGRA

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