Tannenbaum from Kamad Frankel family #general


Rabbi Meir Marton TANNENBAUM, born in Viszló, ABD Fülek (>from 1882),
Torna and then Putnok (>from 1897), succeeding his father, married 1)
about 1875 to Hermina REICHMAN, born in Dobtita in 1855 and died in
Fülek on September 4, 1885 and 2) in Fülek on November 15, 1885 to
Julia (Judith, Judes), born in Fülek in 1854, daughter of Adolf

His three daughters, all born in Fülek, >from his first wife were -
Hani, born on August 19, 1880, Kati, born on July 15, 1882 and Roza,
born on September 17, 1884.

from another source I only have them as "daughter" - can anyone help
fit these three ladies with their husbands?

1. Daughter, married R. Samuel Benjamin Halevi JUNGREIS, born in 1873,
ABD Fulek (>from 1898), son of R. Moses Jungreis, ABD Kashau, son of R.
Shraga Feish Jungreis.
.2. Daughter, married R. Haim Judah TEITELBAUM, born in 1878, ABD
Putnok (>from 1904) and then Kaba, Hadju >from 1909, son of R. David
.3. Wife of her cousin, R. Moses Tannenbaum, ABD Putnok.

Neil Rosenstein

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