Concentration Camp Gross Rosen #general

Barbara Ras Wechsler

Dear Fellow Genners

The question today is for a non-jewish family member, decending >from a family
line which married into my Jewish family. Georg Wilhelm Joseph Engelhardt
(b. 06 Feb 1897 in Vienna; d. 07 May 1942 in KZ Gross-Rosen) was arrested
November 13th, 1941 for "volksch├Ądliches Verhalten" (actions harming public
interests). He is classified as a political prisoner. According to the DOW
data bank he was engaged in black market activities with Jews.

I have contacted the DOW archives and am waiting for an answer >from them.
Apart >from that, I would like to know, if anybody in this forum has any
knowledge concerning this concentration camp and its inhabitants. It seems
that a large percentage of the inmates were political prisoners.

Thanks for any tips or hints.

Barbara Ras Wechsler

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