Simon (Solomon) Okun and Emanuel Szymanowski #belarus

June Genis

I believe I have found the arrival record for my maternal grandfather
who I knew as Simon Okun. The manifest record for the his wife
Rebecca, who came in though Canada later suggests his name was
actually some form of Solomon. The arrival record in New York lists
him as Salman Okin while the departure record >from Hamburg lists him
as Salmen Okin. The arrival data, the ship name, and his age agree
reasonably well with what he listed on his naturalization papers
except that the manifests report that he was >from "Mogilew" while the
other says he was born in Poltava. Other papers do suggest that his
first two children were born in Poltava.

The arrival manifest says that he was going to his cousin Emanuel
Syzmanowski on E. 7th Street. There are two letters that follow that
which might indicate the borough but they look to me like M or NL
which doesn't mean anything to me. I have not been able to find any
records on this cousin. I would like to identify the nature of the
cousinship. I would appreciate hearing >from anyone who knows anything
about Emanuel or Salman/Salmen/Solomon/Simon or has suggestion on
other places to seek information. I have found all the census records
as well as other documents where he is always listed as Simon.

June Genis
Researching GENIS,OKUN,ETTINGER,SUSMAN in the Russian Empire

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