A Pole in German POW camp Stalag II-A #general

Peter Lebensold <peterlebensold@...>

Thanks to Peter Lande's reference - just over a week ago (see below) - to
the Polish Holocaust database at http://straty.pl , I have just discovered
that there was apparently a (previously-unknown) Josef LEBENSOLD interned
in the prisoner-of-war camp Stalag II-A (at Neubrandenburg, Germany).

Considering that this was - apparently - not an extermination camp, I am
hopeful that there was enough record-keeping that I might be able to get
additional information on this prisoner: date of birth, parents' names,
ultimate fate, etc.

I'd also be curious to know what a Pole might be doing at a POW camp
(Wikipedia says there were 738 Poles at Stalag II-A). Perhaps he was
serving in the Free Polish forces?

Any possible sources for further information would be much appreciated.

Peter Lebensold

Subject: Polish Holocaust Database
From: "Lande" <pdlande@...>

In the past one of the most useful Polish Holocaust databases has been Karta
Poland. This database has now been subsumed in straty.pl, a much broader
database accessible at http://straty.pl This provides information relating
to an estimated 3.5 million Poles, not only Holocaust victims, but also
soldiers, POWs, forced laborers and others. Simply go to http://straty.pl
and then Szukaj w bazie for your search.

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