Free Webinar: Discover family history through gravestones #general

Daniel Horowitz <daniel@...>

Dear friends

I would like to invite you to our next free Webinar:
Discover family history through gravestones.

Gravestones play a very important role in genealogy, and are a great
launching pad for family history investigation.

Schelly Talalay Dardashti, MyHeritage's US Genealogy Advisor, will
demonstrate the information that can be revealed about your family via
gravestones. Then, I will talk about our recent partnership with
BillionGraves ( and show how you can use their
mobile app to help preserve cemeteries for future generations, as we
did ourselves with the successful day digitizing the Segula Cemetery
in Israel

Register for free NOW at:

Date: Wednesday March 26, 2014.
Time: 1 PM CDT / 2 PM EDT / 6 PM GMT
(To find the time of the webinar for your location, use this Time Zone
Converter )

Please feel free to distribute this information among your friends and members.

Just in case you have not heard about it, this new method of working
with the BillionGraves app is very efficient and adds the unique
feature of geo-location to every stone. Societies can definitely start
with cemeteries not documented already or complete those that have
been only partially recorded.

Societies that express interest to join the project will receive
resources >from MyHeritage -including advice, guidance, best practices-
detailed documentation based on our experience (the largest of its
kind ever done in Israel, and perhaps in the entire world), and any
help we can extend. Importantly, our unique exchange system means that
any content (gravestone photos + index) that every society's
volunteers/members will upload, will be given back to the society
(co-owned by the society, MyHeritage and BillionGraves and) so your
society can do with it as it pleases.

MyHeritage is making this content available to all for FREE, but each
society can chose how to make it available to its members, the
public and even submit it to JOWBR if you like.

I hope you and your society will be excited about joining us. If this
is the case, please do not hesitate contact me, Daniel Horowitz

Please feel free to distribute this information among your friends and members.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Best regards

Daniel Horowitz
Chief Genealogist

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