Use of maiden vs married name on a YadVashem record? #general

Martha Forsyth

I found a record:,
or Tiny:

Per the list shown there, Feyga Hershovna Shekhter (on l. 4), born 1877,
was shot on 9 April 1942 in Kuti.
Second point: a Feyga Shekhter, daughter of Hirsh, was married to Gilel
Zvagelsky in 1895 at age 20 (thus b. 1875 -two years may not be too big
a discrepancy to accept in these records). (See the Belarus Marriages
database, first listing when you search for "Shekhter".)

My question is, would a list like the one on Yad Vashem list a married
woman by her maiden name, or by her married name? Put another way, how
likely or unlikely is it that these two Feyga Shekhters are the same
person? Is this a question that's impossible to answer?

Martha Schecter Forsyth
Newton, MA
Researching SHEKHTER and TELISHEVSKY in Belarus(Gomel, Mohilev) and
Ukraine (Ekaterinoslav)

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