ViewMate translation request - Russian #general

Beth Galleto

Dear fellow genealogists,
When my BOLKER great grandparents came to
the U.S. with several of their children in 1905 (two were already here),
the eldest daughter, identified on the manifest as Freide, 22, was
deported back to Europe because of illness. Family lore says she had
tuberculosis and spent the rest of her life with her uncle Nissan in
Mlawa. No one seemed to know when she died.

I recently obtained a death record >from Mlawa >from 1905 for a Sura BOLKER.
The record is in Russian, and I would appreciate a full translation that
could help me determine whether this is my deported great aunt. Although
the first name is different, it may be one of those double names and Sura
could be her middle name. To make this determination I particularly
need to know who Sura's parents were, her age and the full date of her death
including month and day. The name of the person or persons reporting the
death would also be helpful.

The record is posted on ViewMate at this location:

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.
Thank you for your help.

Beth Galleto
Greenbrae, CA

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