Forced Additional Names for German Jews #general

Fritz Neubauer

Dear Stephen,

you are right in being annoyed about the forced additional first name's
occurrence in the birth certificate as mandated for the beginning of
1939. In fact, there was an order by the Allied Military Governments to
do this right away after May 1945, but it was not done everywhere. Note
that the deletion of the additional name does not mean that the note
about the additional name would totally disappear, apparently you cannot
just scratch out anything in official records of that kind, but there is
then an additional note saying that the original note is being
officially invalidated. Note that the original entry was not only added
to the birth certificates, but also on the wedding licenses - in my
research I have seen such records where the original note had not been
amended. But as you say - on request - the authorities would add the
revocation to any record. A few years ago, on a visit to one of the
county depositories, the administrator mentioned that a few requests
come in every year - just as yours did.

Also - the name addition did not occur automatically - the German Jews
had to write a letter with the announcement that they would now carry
the additional name. Not writing the letter and not using the additional
name could be punished with a fine, and this did occur. In the town
where I live, all the hundreds of applications where miraculously
conserved and recently discovered. Some of the phrasing used by the
applicants is interesting. In some cases the letters even came >from
abroad, e.g. >from New York or Shanghai, possibly on the request of the
German embassy, when a new German passport was issued.

This topic definitely would deserve more research.

With kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

Am 26.03.2014 07:04, schrieb JewishGen Discussion Group digest:
My genealogy research client has an official copy of his birth record he
personally obtained May 14, 1980 while visiting his small hometown in
Hessen. Although the photostat of his original familienstammbuch page
was written in 1930 (and was attached to the official record), the town's
typewritten portion STILL has his Nazi era middle name 'Israel'

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