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My name is Rona Karton Elias and live in the state of Maryland in the United
States. My great grandmother Leah Zelda Wolfe/Wolf Kessel had two brothers
one with the name of Louis immigrated >from Russia via London in 1890 on the
Castle Line to Cape Town South Africa. My great uncle Michael Kessel was
sent to live with his uncles who had become successful merchants. My great
uncle wished for the rest of the family in Russia to move to Cape Town.,
however my great grandmother had plans to move to New York. When my great
grandmother, great grandfather-Sholman Reuben along with their seven
children including my grandmother Dora who was the eldest daughter set sail
from Lithuania in 1907. At that time my great uncle Michael moved to
America to join them and help them get settled.

Present day Michael Kessel's son Bernard died in 2009 at 91 and his daughter
Bertha died in 2006 at 93. Bernard does have a son Richard who claims not to
have any information about the descendants of the brothers who >from I heard
Bertha (Bertie) corresponded with. My sense is that there was correspondence
between the families. I also heard that some of the family in South Africa
may have move to Australia at a certain point when the United States had
tight quotas perhaps during WWII.

If anyone has any knowledge of the Wolf brothers and their families, please
write to me at rke1129@....

Thank you and I hope all of you hare having success in your searches.

Rona K. Elias LGSW

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