Re: RADISHKONSKI in London 1873-1884 #unitedkingdom

David Nathan <d.nathan1@...>

Hi Linda,

Have you checked the voters lists (sometimes called the electoral roll) for
the adult members of the family? These lists are compiled annually and
usually kept at the central library of the area - in your case the London
Borough of Tower Hamlets. I suggest that you check these, the names are
pretty rare so it should not take long and the local librarians are usually
very helpful.

Contact details via Google, of course.

Happy hunting

David Nathan, London UK

From: "Linda Caciola" <>
They were all born/died in Mile End, Old Town, London, England
Their parents were David Aron RADISHKONSKI and Basza Leja AVENSTEIN.
They were married on Dec. 14, 1865 in Mariampole.
I have looked in all England census records, probate records, and
everything else I can think of, and can not find them.

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