Danilo Berkon from Vorotsevichi #belarus

Mark Deming <markddeming@...>


I am trying to locate the family of my great grandfather, Danilo
Berkon. He went by Daniel Berkon in the United States, but always
heard >from family that the name was spelled differently in Poland,
maybe Berkan, Berkin, or Berkow. He was born in December 1874 (or
1875), and I recently learned he might be >from present-day Belarus.
When he arrived in the United States, the passenger manifest said he
was >from "Grodno." According to his naturalization papers in the
United States, which were filed in 1921, his hometown is "Warocewicze,
Russia." A fellow researcher informed me that this is now
Vorotsevichi, Belarus. We always heard growing up that he was Jewish,
but changed religions upon moving to the United States. Has anybody
heard of any Berkon families in the Vorotsevichi area? I would like to
try and determine whether he was Jewish and, hopefully, find out more
about his ancestors. I thank you in advance for any insight you all
can offer!
Mark Deming
Boston, MA, USA
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